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New Immunization Schedule for Adolescents:

1.       TDap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Whooping Cough): Ages 11-12 (Before 7th Grade). 

2.       Meningitis: Ages 11-12 with additional booster at age 18.

3.       HPV (Gardasil): 3 doses beginning ages 11-12 in BOTH boys and girls.

4.       Varicella Booster (Chicken Pox): If you did not receive the booster going into Kindergarten.

5.      Hepatitis A: Anyone 18 and under who did not receive it before Kindergarten – 2 doses at least 6 months apart.

 All of these immunizations are covered by the Vaccines for Children program for individuals 18 and younger.


Please include in your message the following information:

Your birthday, the name of the medication, the strength of the medication, the quantity that you are requesting, and the name and number of the pharmacy to which you would like the prescription called.

Inclusion of this information will enable us to expedite your request.  


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